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Friday, October 20, 2017

Graphic Design

Master Class and Critique Session

Mark Cook, Bryan Gray, et. al. - 10:30 a.m.

Are you looking for actionable ways to improve your design skills? Check out this workshop and experience a hands-on visual design master class and guided critique session. Be inspired by quick case studies of real-world projects, then learn how to apply professional design principles to your own projects. Bring past work or work in progress across both print and digital projects and receive constructive feedback from a range of talented art and creative directors. Regardless of your skill level, you can learn valuable principles, methods, and evaluative frameworks to apply to future work. All presenters TBA soon!


Adventist Media is Failing — But Does it Have To?

Scott Steward, Owner, Creative Wave Marketing Solutions - 2 p.m.

Scott Steward talks about how to successfully present the Adventist message through broadcast so that it reaches those who need to hear its life-saving truths. It’s not an easy task, but after 13 years of working in church media and communications, and six more as a consultant to several ministries, Scott has insights and strategies born of his concerns and experience with mission, message, programming, and funding. You don’t want to miss this important presentation.

Communication Education

Me, Myself and I — Millennial Branding

Richard Dark, Director, Brand & Consumer Marketing, Communication, Adventist Health - 2 p.m.

Personal branding in today’s marketplace is vital to finding a career. This workshop will show why it’s important to steer away from the traditional resume and fully engage your personal brand with the chosen career marketplace to achieve the right path, right away. We will talk about the millennial social dynamic, and how the sins of the past effect the opportunities of the future; how to interact with GenX hiring managers and bosses; and how to differentiate between a career and a job. We will also take part in a high energy networking activity, MMTW (Massive Multi-Player Thumb Wrestling).


Collaborative Commons Media

Andrew DeVigal, Chair of Journalism Innovation and Civic Engagement, University of Oregon - 10:30 a.m.

As we know too well, technology has wrought great changes in our industry. It has also, maybe more importantly, altered our society. The technology that’s supposed to bring us closer may actually be eroding the environment where democracy can thrive. As we witnessed from the Arab Springs in 2011, shots can be heard, and seen, around the world in an instant. We've seen this play out, in real-time, numerous times since.

All communication professions are experiencing profound changes in their missions, standards, and relationships. In a world with more freedom of expression and opinion where the public can broadcast real-time events globally and when audiences expect to be a part of the brand conversation. In this session, Andrew DeVigal will facilitate a conversation with attendees to explore the societal affects of the emerging information ecosystem where the cost of communicating from one to many is practically free. 

Religion & Communication

Channels of Light: An Exploration of Ellen White's Theory and Philosophy of Communication

Seth Pierce, Lead Pastor, Puyallup SDA Church - 4 p.m.

Ellen White is considered a significant religious figure of the 19th and early 20th century. Her literary output numbers 100,000 pages and her work has been instrumental in the development of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Both SDA and non-SDA scholars have invested considerable time unpacking her theology, health reform, and educational philosophies. However, little to no scholarship has analyzed her views on communication. While some have explored her literary borrowing practices and views on preaching/speaking, nothing explicitly considers her general view of communication. This seminar showcases recent research that begins to reveal a theoretical framework and theology of communication as found in the writings of Ellen White, in the hopes that it will lead to a unique Adventist philosophy and theology of communication.

Social Media

Social Media in Action: Case Studies

Jamie Jean Schneider, NAD Digital Marketing Strategist - 10:30 a.m.

In this session, Jamie Jean Schneider shares reflections on the current scope of social media, and case studies from several ministry-focused, social media campaigns. 
These examples will serve as inspiration and guides for implementing similar strategies for big and small ministries alike.


Heidi Baumgartner, Washington Conference Communication Director, and Jamie Jean Schneider, NAD Digital Marketing Strategist - 2 p.m.

Jamie Jean Schneider, Big Data-1.jpg

If digital strategies, data services, and email address integration sound daunting—don’t fear! Heidi Baumgartner and Jamie Jean Schneider will tackle these topics and more with easy-to-implement approaches. They will show how to use big data to better shape your communication and evangelism strategies. Learn how to email append (and why it’s a good idea), rebrand (with results), use paid ads, and analyze data for future planning. And discover what a “hashtag” library is—and why you should use it. This workshop is based on a conference-level model, but the practical information provided can easy be tailored for other groups such as churches, ministries, and individuals.


Jamie Jean Schneider, NAD Digital Marketing Strategist - 4 p.m.

Social media is about connecting with others. Relationship is important. Learn practical tips for effectively reaching your audience, maximizing engagement, and engaging in member care. In this session, Jamie Jean Schneider focuses on best practices for social media mangers, general guidelines for social media, online safety,and response assessment that can be implemented by organizations of all sizes.

Media Trends

Maximizing Media for Your Ministry

Jared Anderson, Digital Engagement Operations Analyst, U.S. Department of Education - 2 p.m.


Technology is changing the way the church interacts with the congregation it serves, offering new tools, techniques, and frameworks. During this workshop, we'll explore some of these changing dynamics and take a look at trends that may transform the way your digital ministries are designed, delivered, and perceived.


The Secrets of Top Communication Leaders

Tamara A. Fisher, Communication Director, Georgia-Cumberland Conference - 4 p.m.

Learn from seasoned communication professionals the tips, traits, and techniques on how to be a fantastic communication leader. It will be interesting to understand how to lead creative people, what makes communication leadership different, and how effective leaders operate.

Join us as we ask these questions and more. This workshop is for everyone, from students, to aspiring leaders, to those with a few years under their belt.