Friday, October 19, 2018

Graphic Design

Designed to Design: Creating Remarkable Experiences through Design Thinking

Daniel Bruneau, Ph.D. Experience Design & Innovation | Jared Thurmon, Strategy & Innovation at Adventist Review/ARTV

Design Thinking is revolutionizing the way we work. The core of Design Thinking methodology is about taking an innovative, collaborative and above all, a human-centered approach to problem solving. It is a tried and tested methodology, but is there anything an Adventist perspective brings to the table to improve upon what has already been done? In this workshop, we will define Design Thinking and its broad applications with some of our very own unique case studies. We will then get hands-on and explore how to design people-centered experiences, test ideas and bring those ideas to life. Oh, and we are also going to share why Adventism has the ‘secret sauce’ to make the most remarkable experiences in any setting. 

Social Media

The Church of Youtube - How Social Media is Changing the Way We Do Missions - Part 1

Justin Khoe, YouTube Influencer: "That Christian Vlogger"

With the advent of Social Media, we are witnessing the biggest shift in communication since the printing press. For the first time in history, we now possess the ability to communicate with over three billion people with the push of a single button. In this session, we will discuss why the Church needs to seize this crucial opportunity to reach Millennials and share some practical tips on how you can get started at your local church.

Social Media

The Church of Youtube - How Social Media is Changing the Way We Do Missions - Part 2

Justin Khoe, YouTube Influencer:"That Christian Vlogger"

With over 5 billion videos being watched per day, how can we cut through the noise and get our message seen? In an increasingly competitive space, what are some practical strategies to communicate the gospel with people we have never met? In this session, we will be discussing a step by step strategy on how to grow an engaged audience on Youtube. 

PR/Social Media

Social Media in the age of Globalization and Multiculturalism

Dr. Kehbuma Langmia, Chair of the Cathy Hughes School of Communications, Howard University

Social media have reshaped interhuman communications in the digital age. Millennials and Generation X, Y and Z in including digital natives are texters today while Seniors and Baby boomers are talkers. As result, there is communication discrepancies; aggravated too, by multiculturalism and diversity as perception of electronic and digital communications differ worldwide.