Friday, October 18, 2019

Graphic Design

Next Level Brand: Actionable Advice on Growing Your Brand & Organization

Kyle Courtright, Graphic Designer & Brand Strategist at Courtright Design

Kyle Courtright

Kyle Courtright

There’s a lot of fluff out there on how to grow a business.

We try to curate what we’re looking for, but the practical, “this is what works and here are the steps” is much tougher to come by.

In this 90 minute session, Kyle will uncover practical tips and strategies into the power of branding, design and marketing. The overall structure will include a 45 minute talk, 30 minute brand focus exercise and 15 minute Q&A.

This workshop will reveal actionable advice on the following:

• Attracting qualified customers

• How to effectively land and keep clients

• 100 raving fans

• Stop blending in: Embracing your story and distinction

• Pricing your product or service (without throwing darts)

• The counter intuitive model of setting goals

• Staying productive in a world vying for your attention

• Multiple revenue streams

• Logo, identity and branding systems

• The Robinhood Technique: A proven social media strategy

• When SEO and content marketing does the work for you

• Tips and tricks to make your website work for you

• Why conversion optimization needs to be your new best friend

• All things branding: Positioning, personas and archetypes

• Must-read, evergreen business and branding books

• Relevant, effective marketing and promotion avenues that work

• How knowing your audience will save you time and money

• Staying lean and mean: Bootstrapping your business

• Investing in design: The value of the visuals

• The best business and branding resources, tools and apps

• Top sites for branding and design inspiration

• The secret sauce of social proof

• Where the best designers hang out online

• How affiliate marketing changed the game for my businesses

• Harnessing the power of relationship building

• Ahead of the curve: 2020 design trends

Please bring a laptop or pen/pad for this session.

Don’t miss out on this one! Join Kyle’s workshop today and learn practical, actionable ways to take your brand and business/ministry to next level growth.

Podcasting/Social Media

Podcasting Workshop

Ryan Becker (Absurdity podcast) and Matthew Lucio (Adventist History & Adventists Are Weird podcasts)

Ryan Becker

Ryan Becker

Matthew Lucio

Matthew Lucio

Ryan Becker (Absurdity podcast) and Matthew Lucio (Adventist History and the newly released Adventists are Weird podcasts) team up to explore the world of podcasting and how you can dive in and embrace this creative medium for ministry.

Podcasting/Social Media

Podcasting AMA: Discussion Panel

Kendra Arsenault (Advent Next), Ryan Becker (Absurdity podcast) and Matthew Lucio (Adventist History & Adventists Are Weird podcasts)

Kendra Arsenault

Kendra Arsenault

Ryan Becker

Ryan Becker

Matthew Lucio

Matthew Lucio

We’ll sit down with Kendra Arsenault (Advent Next), Ryan Becker (Absurdity), and Matthew Lucio (Adventist History and the newly released Adventists are Weird podcasts) for an “Ask Me Anything” style Q&A that promises direct answers to transparent questions. Ultimately we’ll see where the discussion goes, but topics of interest may include: how podcasting fits into digital evangelism; opportunities for ministry; how podcasting fits into evangelism; podcasting as a tool for community building and storytelling; lessons learned from the perspectives of a pastor, student, personal ministry, and university setting; promoting and multi-channel social media strategies; why fundraising is important; and why digital missionaries need to learn to fundraise. We hope this session inspires you to start a podcast as a personal ministry, a church outreach/inreach tool, and/or as a creative outlet.

Communication Education

Out of the Shadows: Bridging Cultural Gaps

Sarah Ruf, community relations specialist for Arizona Developmental Disabilities Planning Council, and Natalia López-Thismón, professor at Southern Adventist University’s School of Journalism and Communication

Sarah Ruf

Sarah Ruf

Natalia López-Thismón

Natalia López-Thismón

In an increasingly globalized world, it’s crucial that communicators are prepared to build diverse and inclusive connections with those around them. Learn hands-on tips to deepen your relationships with marginalized communities and hear experiences from industry professionals working with multicultural groups.

Communication Strategy

Communication Through the Generation Gaps

Daryl Gungadoo, AR Media Lab Director at Adventist Review Ministries


From the Silent Generation, the Baby Boomers, the Gen X-ers, Gen-Y & Gen-Z, there is a vast chasm in world-view and communications preferred style. Let’s explore some inter-generational bridge-building.

Media Production

Lessons from Global Youth Day

Daryl Gungadoo, AR Media Lab Director at Adventist Review Ministries


Every March, since 2013, the youth of our church is mobilized globally to be the “Hands & Feet of Jesus”, engaging with over 80,000 youth in a 24-hour period. Let’s explore the technical requirements to pull such a global event


Launching a podcast for a denominational institution

Mylon Medley, Assistant Director for News of the North American Division


Learn how and why the North American Division communication department developed, pitched, and produced a news program in the form of an audio and video podcast. Discuss ways of showcasing innovation and creativity in a casual setting while operating on behalf of a traditional corporate structure.  

Public Relations

The Power of Storytelling On Instagram

Chelsya Waworuntu, Digital Strategist at Cheya Media


As Christians, it is our story that provides power. It is our testimony that brings a different perspective to non-believers. For every believer, it was Christ’ story that moved them. Storytelling is how we connect with one another with authenticity and sheer vulnerability. As society evolves into a time of all things technology, enhancing the use of storytelling is essential when connecting with the younger generation. One of the best ways to create a meaningful impact with Generation Z is through their most common mode of communication: social media.

This session will teach various ways to leverage the tool of Instagram in a more meaningful way to better present your brand and organization and, most importantly, to have more authentic connections with people through storytelling. As a digital strategist, I constantly work with clients teaching them how to leverage social media to see positive results for their businesses through better content management strategies, sharing tips for organically growing followers, and through showing how to have a more authentic and genuine connection with people. By presenting a few of these key strategies, you'll find that Instagram can be used as a powerful tool for public relations or for growing your ministry.


Great Film, Great Story: Lessons from Classic Cinema

Mike Hug, Photographer, Designer, Art Director, Film Historian

A story has at least three origins: An event not yet published, a book that has a copyright, and a story written for a film. In all cases, teamwork between researchers, historical researchers, and screen writers who can enhance the story are essential to the project. A story must have a hook, the ability to grab an audience from their sofa and into the environment you want them to experience. Mike Hug shares crucial elements necessary to turn a great story into a great film. Suggested viewing prior to workshop: Shane (1953), Lonesome Dove (1991), Last of the Mohicans (1992).

Graphic Design

Creating the Best Client/Designer Experience

Zack Posthumus, Freelance Graphic Designer

Approach your design projects as embarking on an amazing trip. You want to make sure you’ve packed the essentials, researched where you are going and everyone in your group is on the same page. In this workshop we’ll look at some crucial elements that will enhance your client/designer experience and improve the quality of your projects. Tips and best practices will benefit designers and project managers alike. Together, we’ll discuss destination research, what to pack, how to travel, what to expect and your final destination. Get on board!

Professional Development

Freelance for the win

Zack Posthumus, Freelance Graphic Designer, and Aaron Thomas

Aaron Thomas and Zack Posthumus discuss how to be a freelancer and how to work with them. We’ll share the good the bad and the ugly about working for yourself, and why we love it. Learn how to promote your business, collaborate with others and grow your client base. We’ll also discuss the benefits to working with freelancers and why an outside perspective contributes to your projects. Our experience encompasses photography, videography and graphic design and our work over the years work on the Texas Conference magazine, the FLAME, has won several SAC awards for photography and design. Whether you are a freelancer yourself or you find that you need to hire freelancers for your organization, this workshop is for you!


Your Camera Doesn’t Matter

Aaron Thomas, Independent Freelance Photographer & Director of Photography


What makes photos and videos great? Hint: It’s not your camera. Photographers and videographers are often tempted to think they are crippled by their equipment. Whether you are new and just starting out, or have budget restraints, honing your craft happens independently from your gear. We’ll look at lighting, composition, subject movement and emotion. In addition to learning new tools, we’ll do some hands on examples; bring a camera if you have one!