The signature includes the icon and the logotype. These components are placed in a fixed relationship and shouldn’t be recreated or altered in any way. The signature should be used in its stacked treatment, but is available in a horizontal configuration for small uses such as on a pen. The stacked version in solid SAC Blue is preferred.

Clear Space

The signature should be kept clear of competing text, images, and other marks. It must be surrounded on all sides by a space equal in size to the cap height (the height of the “S” in Society).

Recommended Size

The suggested width is 1.75” for the preferred signature on most applications.


Adobe Garamond Pro is the preferred serif for general use. Palatino is an acceptable alternate. Fette Engschrift is the preferred sans serif; Impact can be used as a substitute.

Preferred Serif

Adobe Garamond Pro Regular
Adobe Garamond Pro Italic
Adobe Garamond Pro Semibold
Adobe Garamond Pro Semibold Italic
Adobe Garamond Pro Bold
Adobe Garamond Pro Bold Italic

Alternate Serif

Palatino Regular
Palatino Italic
Palatino Bold
Palatino Bold Italic

Preferred Sans Serif

Fette Engschrift

Alternate Sans Serif



The official SAC colors are SAC Red and SAC Blue, with an accent of SAC Ivory. The preferred signature is solid SAC Blue, but can also be shown in 100% Black or knocked out.